EMMA® Capnograph Masimo


  • Clear, continuous Capnograph
  • Battery life for up to 10 hours
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Audible and visual alarm system



The EMMA® Capnograph (EMMA, Masimo) is small, light (5.2 × 3.9 × 3.9 cm and 59.5 g with batteries), is readily portable, does not require routine calibration before use, can be warmed up in a short time, and can be used for continuous monitoring of EtCO2. In addition, this is the only portable capnometer currently available with 1-mL dead space for neonates.

Portable Real-time Capnography::

  • Alarm Limits: Alarm limits and visual alarm status indicator, silence active alarms for two minutes
  • Power Button: Warm-up time to full accuracy in 15 seconds
  • End-tidal Carbon Dioxide: Quantitative EtCO2 is updated every breath (Model 3678 displays in kPa)
  • Respiration Rate: RR is displayed after two breaths and updated every breath
  • Capnogram: the 14.4-second sweep of CO2 values
  • Airway Adapter: Available in the adult/ pediatric and infant sizes

Manufactured By::

Maximo Corporation.


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