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Professional and Expert Medical Services

The Cardiocare Quality Policy is summed up as follows: “The world expects results. Don’t tell others about the labour pains. Show them the baby!” Thus we, at Cardiocare do not brag about the quality of our products, but manufacture and sell practical and tested QUALITY MERCHANDISE. We never forget that “an ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises”.

Our Core Values

We realize it fully well that “providing 99% satisfaction means 10000 dissatisfied customers out of a million transactions”. So, we try hard to achieve 100% satisfaction

Flexible Schedule

At Cardio Care you will get your concern according to your time availability

Affordable Package

We at Cardio Care provide the best affordable package of different combination.

Special Offer

Special offers on Christmas, New Year ,and many more occasional offers are available at Cardio Care.

Key Features


National & International sales

Cardiocare works in a most transparent way. Our valued customers often visit our facilities to see for themselves the entire production process from the raw material to the finished products. We do not promise the moon if we cannot deliver it. As a result, we cover all major states of India; our products are used in many renowned hospitals both nationally and internationally, we have a large number of customers in many different countries worldwide.

Top Manufacturers

We have a huge network of partners that distribute our products to worldwide medical facilities and we have proven track record of quality control and minimal complications. An integral part of being a pioneering company for medical devices production is it makes our products accessible to both local and international partners. We supply products from top manufacturers like Masimo, Schiller. We are supplying our products to various departments like the Health Ministry of India all states, Public and Private Hospitals in India.


With 20 years in this industry, we distinguish ourselves by maintain high-standards in all products and processes. Cardiocare design and develop all medical equipments for better health facilitation and satisfying our clients and building an affordable healthcare system.

Our Mission

Having a glorious past, an excellent present, and an extremely brilliant future awaits the performance of Cardiocare, working with which brings not only profit but pleasure also. The company has a unique blend of highly experienced personnel and young & dynamic professionals, specializing in their respective fields. They strive hard to ensure to supply quality products at low rates and within the mutually settled delivery schedule, paying due attention to the requirements of packaging and packing.

Our Vision

  • To keep the prices of our quality products at affordable levels for the end users based on business ethics.
  • To continue planning, in advance, to raise the level of our services in future.
  • To be innovative constantly.
  • To satisfy our clients with considerate, steadfast and passionate.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Mr.Naveen Ahuja

Founder & Director.

Mrs.Geeta Ahuja

Co-Founder & Director

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