Mini Electric Breast Pump


Intended for home use or while voyaging, Medela Mini Electric is an ideal decision for moms who express milk at times. It permits you to communicate milk and store it to take care of your little one when out and away from home for a really long time. Assuming you experience the ill effects of sore areolas that hurt while breastfeeding your little one or have a trip to join in, pick this siphon to communicate milk with next to no aggravation.

Simple to-work

The one-hand activity system permits you to siphon milk advantageously by changing the vacuum level with the assistance of a regulator.

Lightweight and Portable

The reduced plan and simple gathering permit you to convey this siphon in your satchel so you can serenely siphon while in a hurry.

Double Mode of Operation

Place the batteries or attachment the connector to the power supply to communicate milk for your child.

Without BPA

The siphon and any remaining parts are made without BPA material which is non-harmful and totally protected from storing milk for your child.

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