Madela Soft Cup

The SoftCup is ideal for the short– term feeding babies with stinking difficulties. With its soft, ladle-shaped prophet it’s an easy and gentle way to provide. The quantum of milk the baby takes can be fluently tracked and controlled. It’s an excellent volition to cup feeding. The Medela SoftCup comes with an 80 ml vessel with a twisted bottom.

NEW The device comes with an 80 ml vessel that has a twisted bottom to minimise milk loss and ladders to track the quantum of milk taken.

Thanks to the one- way stopcock membrane between the vessel and the prophet, the milk inflow can be regulated fluently by squeezing the chambers of the prophet.

The device can be reused after drawing in agreement with the instructions for use.

Gentle mug feeding
Minimised milk loss thanks to the twisted bottom
Controlled milk inflow
Reliable shadowing of the quantum of milk taken

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