Whole body UV Therapy (Surya Series)

Some UV exposure is essential for good health. In medical practice, UV lamps are used for treating;Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Atopic Dermatitis, Circumscribed Scleroderma, Urticaria Pigmentosa, Generalized Pruritis, Pityriasis Rosea & other skin disorders. The special elliptical shape that suits human body contour. The homogeneous dosing effect on the skin, independent of the patient;s body stature.


  • 1.16/24/36/44 number of special UVA / NBUVB / UVA+NBUVB Lamps.
  • 2.Input of dose in Joules & time for UVA therapy. Milli Joules & time for NBUVB therapy.
  • 3.Advanced micro computerized electronic controller with LCD screen.
  • 4.Integrated Dosimeter for automatic calculation of the irradiation time.
  • 5.Built in memory system.
  • 6.Automatic switch off with warning alarm at the end of set irradiation time.
  • 7.Homogeneous irradiation due to its special elliptical structure results in shorter treatment time.
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Whole body UV Therapy (UVec Series)

V-Care offers UV Therapy units with advanced micro computerized whole body units as UVEC series at offordable prices. V-Care is the pioneer in manufacturing of UV Therapy devices in India, since 1997. Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other skin disorders is treated successfully with V-Care devices.


  • 1.Advanced micro computerized electronic controller.
  • 2.LCD display to set Joules & time for UVA therapy and milli Joules & time for NBUVB therapy.
  • 3.Integrated Dosimeter for automatic computation of the irradiation time from Joules input.
  • 4.Built in memory system.
  • 5.Homogeneous irradiation results in shorter treatment time.
  • 6.Automatic switch off with warning alarm at the end of set irradiation time.
  • 7.Highly polished mirror type aluminum reflectors for maximum irradiation.
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Multipurpose Localised

V-Care Multipurpose Localized Therapy unit is a portable split unit for the treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo & such skin disorders of localized nature. This is a versatile unit & it can be used to treat hands and feet simultaneously. Four vertically tiltable trays enable to focus the irradiation to any localized area of the body. The unit is equipped with LCD Joule timer.


  • 1.Unit is equipped with UVA / NBUVB lamps.
  • 2.Micro computerized electronic controller with LCD screen.
  • 3.Automatic computation of the irradiation time from Joules input.
  • 4.The unit is compact, portable with four trays, which are tiltable through stepped angular movement and are automatically locked in a position to treat any area of the body.
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Mini Home Therapy (MHT Series)

The space saving system excels with easy handling and relatively short exposure time. Suitable for home treatment / use. Unit for the treatment of localised Psoriasis & Vitiligo. Unit is equipped with UVA / NBUVB lamps. Analog Timer is provided to set the exposure time. Switches off the unit automatically at the end of exposure time.


  • 1.Unit for the treatment of localised Psoriasis & Vitiligo.
  • 2.Unit is equipped with UVA / NBUVB lamps.
  • 3.Analog Timer is provided to set the exposure time.
  • 4.Switches off the unit automatically at the end of exposure time.
  • 5.Unit can be used to treat localized area of the body.
  • 6.The Unit is compact and portable.
  • 7.An ideal unit for smaller clinics and for home use.
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UV Comb

Simple and effective unit with Narrow Band UVB Lamp in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, specially on the scalp and localized parts of the body. The light weight unit ergonomically developed, easy to handle. The unit can also be used without the comb for partial irradiation of small areas. Short exposure enables time saving application. The extensive device contains all the parameters to successfully treat, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Atopic Dermatitis, Circumscribed Scleroderma and other skin disorders. It also offers highest level of safety.


  • 1.Used to treat localised vitiligo & Scalp Psoriasis.
  • 2.Parabolic aluminium reflector ensures maximum output.
  • 3.On / Off switch.
  • 4.Separate comb attachment for scalp treatment.
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Only Cosmo Chair

This is a device with motorized positioning control that is intended to use in cosmetic treatment, office procedures and that can be adjusted to various positions through hand-operated remote. The couch can be adjusted to a completely horizontal position & high quality cushioning of couch is very soft and therefore very comfortable for patients to lie on.


  • 1.Fully adjustable backrest and largest movable armrests for easy access. It is equipped with two electrical actuators, providing smooth and simultaneous level adjustments.
  • 2.All function is controlled by an easy to use hand control.
  • 3.Both Arm rests can be adjusted towards easy patient entry from right or left thus providing easy access for the patients.
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Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is currently most preferred mode of treatment for many aesthetic conditions, mainly because of its efficacy, coupled with the lack of side-effects. IPL equipment utilizes xenon-filled flash lamps as primary light source. These lamps, powered by a capacitor bank, have characteristic features and emission spectra (420 nm to 1200 nm). Cooling of the lamp to maintain a steady temperature and an even emission is necessary, and is usually achieved by a water-cooling system which surrounds the lamp. This 'envelope' of water also helps in cutting down longer wave length (infra-red) emissions.


  • 1. Excellent and quick treatment result.
  • 2. Safe for use with no side effect, burn, discomfort to patient.
  • 3.Suitable for most skin type including dark one.
  • 4. Fast treatment on large areas 4 cm2 every 3-4 seconds.
  • 5. Based on Xenon flash lamp technology with water-cooling system.
  • 6. Ergonomically designed hand piece with four optical filters for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Vessel Removal (Vascular lesions) & Acne treatment.
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Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser

The angle of radiation of CO2 laser is very small and its energy density is high. Output power density will reach several kilowatts per square cm when focused. So the boil off and cautery of focus tissue can be used in the therapy. Also if it is not focused, the laser radiating focus tissue can bring about concretion effect. CO2 laser surgical system outputs infrared rays which wavelength is 10600nm. Its penetrability is comparatively deep. CO2 laser surgical system is also considered as laser scalpel. If beam of laser is enlarged, it is good for the heating-up physical therapy of the deepest tissue.


  • 1.Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
  • 2. Continuous wave, Pulse and Super Pulse Operation Modes
  • 3.Thin Film Key Switch, Microprocessor Controlled
  • 4. LCD Message Display
  • 5. 7-joint spring balanced articulated arm
  • 6. Pilot Beam Of Diode Laser
  • 7. Safety Protection with automatic alarm
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Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional scanner is the latest revolutionary product to offer Microspot fractional skin resurfacing technology. Combining the CO2laser (10600 nm wavelength) for skin renewal procedures with the high-speed scanner to deliver.

By applying the CO2 laser energy in a fractionated manner, very small coloumns of thermic damage are created as far as the dermis.


  • 1.Ageing, Sagging skin tightening
  • 2.Pigmentation removal
  • 3. Wrinkles removal and pore reduction
  • 4. Acne scars removal
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Microdermabrasion is the latest advancement in aesthetic clinics and beauty spas. It is a cosmetic procedure in which the stratum corneum (dead outermost surface of the skin) is partially or completely removed by gentle abrasion through different methods include mechanical abrasion from Jets to Zinc oxide or Aluminium oxide crystals, fine organic particles or roughened surface like diamond tip and etc.


  • 1. A vacuum pump
  • 2.A jar to store fresh crystals
  • 3.A jar to collect the used crystals
  • 4. A hand piece for aluminium crystal abrasion
  • 5. A hand piece with diamond tip
  • 6.Foot switch
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Skin & Hair Analyser

Professional model: for hair /skin / iris inspections.Surpassing traditional limitation, switch able freeze function 1 / 2 / 4 splits frame on TV monitor.

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Lipo Derm

Lipoderm is the most advanced cavitation machine for adipose area & cellulite treatment using ultrasonic waves. So you can enjoy the best slimming effect with 3 different computerized modes.


  • 1. Non-Invasive Cellulite & Fat treatment machine using cavitation effect.
  • 2.Short treatment time with maximum effect without Yo-Yo effect.
  • 3. Permanent cellulite treatment effect. (Once the fat cell is broken, the fat cell is not regenerated)
  • 4. Walk in, walk out treatment (The normal social activity is possible just after the treatment)
  • 5. It breaks the fat cell using ultrasonic waves without damaging other inner organs.
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Radio Derm

Radio frequency currents have very short oscillation when passing through human body, which causes ion to move very little and makes heat without any electrochemical responses. This is called "deep heat."

When RF electrical energy is applied to it, the molecules which comprise the tissues of the body start to move and make frictions with one another every time the direction of its current changes. That's why the human body makes heat through the movement, twist and collision.


  • 1.Enhance the tissues in the body – Anti-aging
  • 2. Facilitate lymph and blood circulation and improve metabolism
  • 3. Improve defense mechanism in the body – Anti-stress
  • 4. Make your body slim through natural burning of fatty tissues
  • 5. Remove active oxygen and control hormone balance
  • 6. Cleanse the skin, and be used for an alternative drug or functional cosmetics
  • 7. Activate skin cells; improve wrinkles, resilience and restoration
  • 8. Relax muscles and reduce pains
  • 9. Reduce chronic inflammation and disinfect the skin for acne
  • 10. Prevent alopecia and restore hairs
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